SLIPSTOP International


The SLIPSTOP group has become the world’s leading specialist in floor safety. With more than 20 years’ experience, extensive research and development, and representation in more than 30 countries world-wide, we have the products and the knowledge to solve almost any slip problem.

This webpage is the only page in English, the other pages are unfortunately in Dutch. Please email for more information directly to or call +31 30 243 66 33. 

The benefits of SLIPSTOP anti slip solutions are:

  • Elimination of slip accidents in wet areas;
  • Instant slip resistance upon application;
  • Effective under wet, dry and greasy conditions;
  • Fast application, no shutdown of facilities;
  • Single application guaranteed for 5 years!

SLIPSTOP clients:

  • Ministries and government;
  • Housing corporations;
  • Swimming pools and sauna’s;
  • Fitness and wellness clubs;
  • Building and construction companies;
  • Healthcare institutions;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Offices and shops;
  • Owners of real estate and apartments;
  • and many more!

SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments

SLIPSTOP treatments are suitable for ceramic tiles, concrete, natural stones (marble, granite, limestone)  et cetera. They can be applied to interior as well exterior surfaces and are equally effective against problems caused by condensation and liquid spillage as against dust. SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments ensures your floor conforms to international standards.

SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments are not floor coatings and will consequently not peel off at any time. Through a chemical reaction, the treatments create a micro structure to the surface, leaving the floors slip-resistant even when exposed to water, grease and oil. Our specially trained personnel will complete anti slip applications at any time of the day or night. SLIPSTOP products dry instantly and can be walked on immediately, meaning no downtime or shutdown of facilities!


The SLIPSTOP treatment provides excellent slip resistance, unique surface protection and easy maintenance. SLIPSTOP eliminates slip accidents at a fraction of the cost of any reliable alternative. Fast convenient application with no drying time, or curing time. The SLIPSTOP application is guaranteed for 5 years.